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Name: Lisa Blee
Title: Associate Professor (on leave 2018-2019)
Phone: 336.758.6995
Office: Tribble B-110
Title: Professor
Phone: 336.758.5556
Office: Tribble B-103
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.4517
Office: Tribble B-111
Title: Reynolds Professor (Emeritus)
Phone: 336.666.3659
Title: University Professor
Phone: 336.758.6138
Office: ZSR Library 330
Title: Presidential Endowed Professor of Southern History
Phone: 336.758.4270
Office: Tribble B-207 and Reyonlda 104
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.3955
Office: Tribble B-12
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 336-758-2643
Office: Tribble B-4
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone: 336.758.2612
Office: Tribble A-308C
Title: Professor
Phone: 336.758.5557
Office: Tribble B-115
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 336.758.5627
Office: Tribble B7
Title: Professor
Phone: 336.758.5558
Office: Tribble B6A
Title: Professor and Department Chair
Phone: 336.758.4711
Office: Tribble B-104
Title: Professor
Phone: 336.758.6132
Office: Tribble B-107
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.4318
Office: Tribble B-108
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.3674
Office: Tribble B-112
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.4289
Office: Tribble B-3
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.4396
Office: Tribble B5A
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 336.758.5522
Office: Tribble B-2
Title: Part-Time Professor of History
Phone: 336.758.4575
Office: Tribble B-6
Title: The Michael H. and Deborah K. Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish History
Phone: 336.758.2512
Office: Tribble B-1
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.3090
Office: Tribble B-109
Title: Professor
Phone: 336.758.5553
Office: Tribble B-105
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 336.758.2580
Office: Tribble B-114
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 336.758.2538
Office: Tribble B-11


Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336.758.2509
Office: Tribble Hall B102
Title: Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 336.758.5501
Office: Tribble B101
Title: Instructional Technology Specialist
Phone: 336.758.4850
Office: Tribble A6A

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