Historians collect, organize, and explain complex data. With impressive skills in critical reading, research, analysis, writing, and public speaking, our majors are prepared for a wide range of professions. Wake Forest’s history majors pursue careers that range across entrepreneurship, education, government service, healthcare, public-interest foundations, publishing, consulting, journalism, and beyond. Our students also find their studies in history excellent preparation for graduate study in law, business, and the arts and sciences. Read more about career and post-graduate opportunities here.

Our faculty’s research and teaching investigate the political, religious, social, cultural, and economic ideas and institutions that people have used to order their lives. Our curriculum introduces students to historical methodologies and the fundamentals of research and writing. We work together to understand history both as a scholarly discipline and as a framework for intellectual inquiry.

support-give11When Wake Forest students explore the past, they confront the diverse contexts in which people have lived and they analyze the choices and forces that have produced our world.