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For good or ill, we cannot ever escape the past. As individuals and as communities, we are products of long and complex developments. The History Department offers a broad range of courses in which students explore the past and build deeper understandings of how our world has changed across time. Those courses will help you learn to think and write critically about politics, business, society, and culture.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from Antiquity to the 21st century, from social history to military history to the history of medicine and beyond, we offer substantive courses on a wide variety of fascinating topics.

For more information about any of these courses, please contact the instructor.

History Courses Taught at Wake Forest

The Department has grouped and numbered its courses as 100, 200, or 300 to indicate their key characteristics. 100 level courses approach broad spans of geographic space and chronology with a comparative eye.  Many of these courses provide provide credit for Division I requirements. 200 level courses provide overarching surveys of regions or eras. 300 level courses investigate specific themes, allowing deeper exploration within a topic or period. It is not necessary for students to enroll in both halves of a 200 level survey, nor necessarily take the “earlier” course first. Faculty do not expect students enrolling in 300 level courses have already completed coursework on the particular theme or area of study.

If students have credit for two AP History courses on their transcript, they may take a 200 or 300 level history class for divisional credit. Students should speak with the Department or their advisor for more information. 

Interested in what other classes we offer?   The WFU Academic Bulletin contains course offerings, credit details, and requirements, and is updated for each semester.

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