Why Major in History?

As a History major you will learn to think critically, read widely, and communicate effectively through written and oral presentation. History is an expansive and exciting field of study that allows you to examine all aspects of past societies, cultures, and civilizations. As such, it is an incredibly versatile major that you can customize to reflect your own passions and interests, both about the past and about the present that grew out of this past. You will also gain critical skills in evidence-based research, analysis, and argumentation, all of which are valued by employers and postgraduate programs. Most History majors will not go on to become professional historians, and our alums pursue successful careers in market research and analysis, entrepreneurship, law, medicine, politics, library and archival management, and education. For more information on future careers and internship opportunities, please visit the Office of Personal and Career Development.

Still not sure if you should major in History? Click here for links to more information about the intellectual and civic importance of history, as well as professional and career opportunities.

Also be sure to check out these videos from the American Historical Association for new and returning History majors:

Bill Lowry, attorney and Cook County Commissioner (Illinois)

Muhammad Hanzala, engineering student, Georgia Highlands College

Victor Medina Del Toro, Meetings and Executive Assistant, AHA

Laura McEnaney,  Professor of History, Whittier College; Vice President,  AHA Teaching Division

Kayla Begg, Business Development Administrator, HKA

Megan Connor, Program Associate, AHA

Shelbie Britt, history major, Mississippi State University

Jason Holt, Realtor, COMPASS